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In this Nurturing Circle, we’re coming together to gently breathe, soften our pace, and restore while we learn the kind truth of who we are. Embrace the enchantment of nature and come home to ourSelves. We’re holding heart space for the parts of us that are not yet whole, and tenderly calming any part that needs it. Meanwhile, this is your opportunity to allow your infinite spark to glow✨in anticipation for the wonder you are about to embark on.

This is set up as a one month introduction to expand your connection with nature and Source. Or if you choose, this course can be a treasure to tap into for a longer time. This is a foundation to diffuse emotional reactions so you may receive healing gifts of nature deeper than you ever have. 

If you find parts of this expedition are not your cup of tea, seek further for what resonates for you. There will be options for you to customize your path. 

You are invited to engage with fellow journeyers in our "Journey to Self" Community. You never know who you will inspire or what magic will be created for you!

Community Testimonials

Journey to Self Group:

“Voicing our words not only strengthens our own beliefs, but spreads knowledge to others. This shared knowledge creates an intimacy, a solidarity of souls. The warm environment we have here eases our uncertainties and feeds our confidence to share elsewhere if choose to. 🦋”

Gloria Sprague

“This group and watching it evolve has been amazing! 25 years ago when I began my healing journey around this topic was one of the most lonely times of my life. Even with a very loving husband by my side I wish I would have had this kind of support with a group and friends who stood by my side. ”

Trish K.

“I was slow to really join in this group though I have been a member for some time. I had not realized it was necessary to continue to give my wound a steady flow of airing to keep from shutting down again and again. I just realized this truth and that this is the perfect place to speak, in a group where all here would receive it because they understood it. Thank you Katia for making this space happen!”

Sherry F.

“ <3 "Katia has created a sacred container rooted in respect, warmth, and safety. It's a little corner of the world where beautiful souls congregate and share themselves openly and authentically. The empowerment and healing that come from being seen and realizing you're not alone is profound. Grateful there are spaces like this and compassionate beings facilitating them."”

D. B.

“The 'journey to healing' has been a long and arduous one. So grateful to find a group that specifically targets the journey and offers insight, genuine understanding and validation. Katia Cooper is the embodiment of wisdom and positivity all while being acutely aware of the difficult reality survivors face. Hopeful for a future free of the darkness ~”

Journey to Se;f Member

“The Journey to Self is awe-inspiring. The group and especially Katia has helped me walk through dark times. Her gift of loving and giving to each person helps me to understand that love and kindness is what heals our broken hearts, from tragedies that are not our fault.”

Mary Havens, Author: “Shadows of My Heart”

Journey to Self Exploration

Move toward Empowerment

Multiply your ability to receive...

  • Receive Greater from Life

    Connect with Nature deeper than you have, to be validated and to receive fully from the earth. Build a more secure foundation from the ground up.

  • You as an Infinite Being

    Expand into more of who you can truly be, creating a safe space for trauma to rest.

  • How Does it Get Better?

    Would you like to stimulate your creativity and curiosity to explore what else is possible beyond the trauma or overwhelm? Come and play!

  • Sustain Progress

    if there is interest after this Intro Course, I will customize an on-going Journey to Self Program, or you can follow-up with my book, An Elf’s Journey, and the community discussion.

Uplifting Choices throughout the Month

This is what you can look forward to and return when needed!

  • A video conversation with Elf Experts, Fairapist/Therapist, and Healing Artists introducing the foundation for increasing confidence and strength, as in An Elf’s Journey, my #1 bestselling book.

  • Gifting and receiving in a therapeutic and fun Sacred Circle. It only requires your presence at times which are convenient for you. This Circle meets in the Journey to Self Group that is already formed on Facebook and through a private portal of this course. You get to choose if and where you’d like to connect.

  • An opportunity to ask questions, request support, and explore new choices, different from what's not working in your life. Extra audio or video support will be offered.

  • Insightful guidance, wonder-making, and heart whispering. This will come in fairy notes, including questions to ponder, and journaling options.

  • Survivors have incredible resilience and other super-powers that they tend to discount. This adventure can open you to see yourself in a truer light and help you value yourself for more of the precious Being that you are!

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As a Bonus!

A couple of offerings if you are new...

  • My Story for Claiming More Empowerment

    This is my personal experience about grief and how I came to terms with the secondary abuse of my parents denial. I had desperately wanted them to care about my trauma to know that I was worth being loved and truly cared for. Receive access to this story right after you register.

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    A chapter from my earlier books

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More Inspiring Testimonials

Learning with Katia...

“I have absolutely benefited from this experience!! When I’m here it lightens my spirit and allows my inner child the permission to come out and play while at the same time, the adult me finds myself enjoying and learning from you. It inspires me to use my voice more, that speaking my truths and being vulnerable are a huge benefit to healing. That taking the chance by reaching out and sharing with others gives me a different perspective on things. That I’m not alone and we stand together as a whole. That I have beauty that goes beyond the reflection in the mirror. I love that others share here too. What you all share is helpful and has healing energy that benefits, not just me, as I see it, others as well, even those whose voices are silent. I have been in a place where my voice was silenced, decades of time. I’m elated to have found your book and group, Katia Cooper. Thank you for creating a place where we can come together and be as one. Survivors who are Thriving with a free spirit, caring for each other too 💗 In any darkness there is always light.”

D. S.

“I don't participate all that often, but I pretty much read everything that's posted and it is all meaningful, useful, and helpful in some way.”

Callen Harty, Author and Advocate

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