Reiki I Class

2 Days: Virtual and In-Person Options

You choose to attend most of the class at my home in Cambridge, Wisconsin in-person OR LIVE over Zoom video. If you are attending on Zoom, you will need another Reiki Student to pair-up with to practice on one another. 

In this virtual portion of the course, you are invited to soften your pace, open to the possibilities of healing and come home to more of your whole Self.

This is an experiential healing class. You will learn to embrace your healing process while allowing your infinite spark to grow✨ ...bringing forth more of your sacredness to recover your wholeness. 

Whatever your comfort level, engaging with our warm Reiki Community will build tribal connection. This will strengthen your Root Chakra and sense of belonging to integrate lasting change on this miraculous journey.

Life Force Energy

Increase your ability to gift and receive...

  • Attunements

    You will individually receive 4 very Sacred Initiation Sessions by your teacher to clear you as a Channel for applying the vibrations of Reiki.

  • Receive Greater from Source

    Connect with Source deeper than you have, to receive fully, always honoring your beliefs.

  • You as an Infinite Being

    Expand into all that you truly Be to be present with yourself and others. Increase clarity to BE more of YOU!

  • Sustain Soul Growth

    Continue your growth after this Course. Choose ways to exchange healing sessions with other students or attend my Reiki Sharings.

Infinite Healing Energy Techniques

This is what you can look forward to!

  • FOR 3 MONTHS: You will be able to return to some pre-recorded and written lessons to build a foundation for increasing confidence and abilities.

  • Gifting and receiving in a therapeutic and Sacred Circle during our In-Person or Live Zoom Classes.

  • Personal Assistance ~ You will have every opportunity to ask questions, receive support, and explore new choices for what's not working in your life. Audio and videos will be offered for additional support.

  • Insightful guidance, wonder-creating, and deep-heart whispering for *soulutions* specific to you. This will come intuitively as you explore spiritual psychology and choose how it fits for you.

  • We all have incredible super-powers that we tend to disregard. This class safely opens you to see yourself in a truer light and further develop your innate gifts!

  • Connect virtually in a Group on Facebook and/or through a private portal of this course. You get to choose if and where you’d like to connect.

Reiki I Class~TBD for May 2022

Get a head start with Reiki virtual content by signing up for the Early Bird price: $235. (The regular fee of $260 starts May 1.) For Virtual-Only Students, both Buddies need to register.

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