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Matt Pappas Podcast
Published in 2015
Lightworkers Podcast
Podcast for Thriving

Come in!

You are entering a sacred container...

A container which is held for you as you expand into more of your authentic Self. Use your breath to relax into your body, your unique spirit, your mind and your calm emotions. This Journey plays with the elements from my book, An Elf’s Journey. It can be helpful if you read the chapter first, but if time does not allow reading, it is not required. When you feel ready, proceed with your course to seek the gifts that you have not been aware of. Each week you will receive more messages and possibilities to walk with others along this path. The Intro is meant to hold a foundational ground for you to return to if ever your nervous system gets stirred too intensely. Your ability to calm yourself with the elements of nature will build every time you revisit. Grace to your journey, my friend.

Enter through the light!

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